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January-February 2017 Prayer Letter



We praise the Lord for the work He is doing in lives and hearts here in Trinidad. Two 12-year-old boys on our van route, Isaac and Addison, were saved in January. Please pray specifically for them as we disciple them and forge a relationship with their families.

In late January, Patty and our friend Miss Liz called on Mrs. Ramoutar, an elderly house-bound lady we have been visiting for a few months. She claimed to be saved, but the Lord really impressed on Patty’s heart that she needed to hear the Gospel again, since she cannot read English. Patty gave Miss Liz the lead, because she is a bulldog when it comes to witnessing. After about 1 1/2 hours of scripture, illustrations and questions, Mrs. Ramoutar suddenly began praying aloud, thanking God that the ladies had come to teach her God’s Word. She confessed her sinful condition and professed her faith in Jesus alone for salvation– praise the Lord! Her sudden recognition of the need for a Saviour came when she truly recognized that she was a sinner and condemned already (John 3:18-20) and that all she had to do was BELIEVE– no works. What a blessing to see how the truth of God’s Word changes hearts and lives!
It was a blessing to see 18 Christians who had gone through a new believer’s class get baptized in early January. It’s done a little differently here: after the Sunday morning service, people walk about a block and a half to a home where we use the swimming pool. Testimonies, singing and baptizing under the warm Caribbean sun– it was a great morning followed by “Dinner at the Js” for the college and career young people.

It was an honor to once again visit the Anchor Baptist Church in Sangre Grande, about 2 1/2 hours north. It is a fairly new work under the leadership of Missionaries John and Brenda Gossett, and it was our privilege to minister in music and through the preaching of God’s Word. As always, we enjoyed fellowshipping with the Gossetts and their fine church members.

Our average week includes running a van route for Sunday morning and evening services, Wednesday evening, and Friday youth night. We try to have a group over for “Dinner with the Js” each Sunday in order to get to know people better and facilitate fellowship among the brethren. “Ministry Monday” is usually spent at home, resting and preparing for the week to come. Tuesday and Thursday are Bible college nights; Ralph attends the homiletics class on Thursdays and Patty periodically teaches the Christian womanhood class. On Wednesdays, we teach Bible classes at two schools in a community to the north. Ralph does building and vehicle maintenance one or two days a week as needed, and we try to make Thursday our day together. Saturday is soul winning, men’s/women’s prayer and choir practice. Flexibility is the key, and we fill in whenever and wherever we are needed.

We are so grateful for your continued prayer and financial support. Finances help supply our physical needs and ministry expenses, but we would not be able to function here without your faithful, fervent prayers. God bless you for your help.

Thank you for your continued
prayers and financial support.
Ralph Juliuson
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For so hath the Lord
commanded us, saying,
I have set thee to be
a light of the Gentiles,
that thou shouldest be for
salvation unto
the ends of the earth.
Acts 13:47