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Our Sending Church

We are sent out of Desert Gateway Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona under the leadership of Pastor Ron Leversee. Pastor Leversee has pastored for over 25 years at Desert Gateway and is the founding Pastor. To find out more about Desert Gateway Baptist you can visit their website at: Desert Gateway – Gilbert

Our Mission Board

We are Missionaries with Reach International Ministries. Reach is a Ministry of Midland Baptist Church and is local church and not a para-ministry. Reach provides their service to us as missionaries with no fees or suggested donations to them. You can find our more information about Reach by visiting their website at: http://www.reachmyworld.com

Our Field

GEOGRAPHY: The Autonomous Region of Bougainville (formally known as the Northern Solomons Province) is comprised of two main islands, Bougainville Island and Buka Island, and many small islands and atolls. In total, the Region’s terrestrial area covers approximately 9,384km2 (About 3621 Sq Miles or just above 2 Mil Acres). The Region is organised into three sub-districts; North, Central and South. The landscape is a mix of coastal and mountainous areas with the highest feature, Mount Balbi, reaching 2,715m (8907ft) above sea level.

PEOPLE: The population of Bougainville was recorded as 249,358 in the 2011 census but is estimated to now be around 300,000. Its people, Bougainvilleans, are mostly Melanesian but there are also descendants of Micronesian and Polynesian origin (mostly from the outer atolls). The majority of the population live outside the three main urban centres in villages.

LANGUAGE: There are at least 19 distinct indigenous languages in Bougainville. Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinean Pidgin English) is the lingua franca across the districts and English is also widely spoken.