The Broken Arrow youth group had a great time at the New Tribes Mission Aviation Center in McNeal, AZ, at their Open House last Saturday.  They were able to see the different aircraft and learn a little more about missionary aviation.


2017 02 04 new tribes mission aviation open house2

Will one of these kids be the next Nate Saint or Jim Elliot, missionary pilots to the Auca Indians in Ecuador? Our hearts prayer is that they would be.


 Youth Leader and Pastor


 Quest Aircraft - Kodiak


Mark Spencer is a pilot from our church, and his wife Stefanie is also a pilot.


New Tribes Mission Aviation

Making Flights Affordable

Whether the missionary is expatriate, national or tribal, God is enabling us to make the flights happen for a price they can each afford to pay.   Because of our Flight Sponsorship Program, even national and tribal church planting teams are receiving the flight service they need to pioneer deeper into isolated and rugged areas — just like the missionaries who reached them years before.

Trips that could take four to five days by land — carrying their children on their backs — might take only 30 minutes by air.  Church planters can spend time teaching and translating God’s Word rather than hiking and arriving exhausted without necessary supplies to live on.  Such an extremely rugged ministry must be sustainable long term — and NTM Aviation makes it possible.  Millions may be unreached, but none are unreachable!