Read more...Homemade Pies Autumn Feast Day
Every fall we have our annual pie Sunday, where the feast is of only savory and sweet pies. One of our best potlucks every year. Everyone says that we have some of the best cooks in the county, so please come and join us! This a great opportunity to get to know folks and fellowship together. Be sure and check our calendar for upcoming FEAST DAYS! 
Read more...Family Friendly AtmosphereOne of the greatest strengths of Broken Arrow Baptist Church is our family friendly atmosphere.  Many folks move into the valley without the support of any extended family members.  God instituted the church to help fill that void and those needs, and our desire is to be an outstretched hand to those homes and families.
Read more...Helps Ministry Missionaries Visit Broken ArrowHelp Ministries is a missions organization that works primarily with national pastors in over 60 countries. They visited Broken Arrow and showed how their ministry is supporting national pastors to be able to reach the lost around the world.